Hi, friends!

Welcome to Kitchen Princess Bamboo, Japanese everyday food.

My name is Akino Ogata. Thank you for stopping by!

I will upload a video every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 JST (PST 6:00, EST 10:00).

I hope the video is helpful for all of you who love Japanese food.

In this channel, I’m showing you how to cook authentic Japanese cuisine, street food, bakings, etc, in the most certain way.

In 2004, I opened my small pastry shop in Nara, the oldest palace city of Japan.

In March 2019, I have transferred my business to a social welfare corporation for the development of local society.
(I am still in the business as a consultant.)

Now that I spend more time to develop recipes for my dearest community on Youtube.

Let’s start cooking Japanese and be healthy!

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