Grocery Haul for 2 weeks

Grocery Haul for 2 weeks

Today, I want to share with you my grocery haul for two weeks.

Maybe a little bit too late to share; the crisis has begun in Japan at the end of January, so we have already spent almost two months with anxiety.

We have no toilet paper and other paper product like dipers, for a month, but finally, everything seems to be get back to normal. 

But, the schools are still closed, and we are required not to go out to a particular area. 

I personally am not worried too much about it, but I should be aware of stay away from the disease because I am responsible for my family’s health! 

I go shopping as I needed every once in a while but as less as possible.

We spend more time at home, and that means we cook a lot more. 

These are my grocery haul for two weeks, and I have more stuff in our fridge and freezer.

I am trying to make a healthy and balanced meal without compromising a taste, with as little waste as possible. 

And I want to share a little bit of our immune system boosting ideas.


・rice 10kg pacakge

・1kg Soumen Noodles (Thin wheat noodles)

・1kg Soba Noodles

・500g Grass Noodles

・2~3 servings Deep fried crunchy Noodles

・2.5kg Bread Flour

・1kg All-purpose flour


・1kg Chicken thigh

・1kg Chichen Breast

・1kg Sliced Pork belly

・1kg Sliced beef

・1kg Pork tenderlion

・1kg ground chicken

・1kg ground pork

・500g ground beef

3.Canned food

・2 cans mackerel in miso sauce

・1 can sardine in soy sauce

・2 cans Yakitori

・1 can canned pork

・1 can canned chicken

・ 3 cans tuna

・1 can pineapple

・1 can orange

4.Beans and eggs

・200g dried black bean

・1 can chick peas

・30 large eggs

・1 box curry for beans

・curry spices

5.Dairy product

・1L whole milk

・1L heavy cream

・500g shredded cheese

・200g coconuts cream powder

・yogurt in small packages


・3kg Onion

・500g carrot

・1 head broccoli

・2 red bell pepper



・3kg potato




・Japanese orange



・kiwi fruits



・1 bottle sesame oil

・1 bottle canola oil

・1 bottle extra virgin olive oil

・1 bottle light soy sauce

・1 bottle regular soy sauce or tamari

・1 bottle Mirin

・1 kg salt

・1 kg sugar

・1 kg yellow Miso

・1 package chicken soup cubes

・1 package Chinese style chicken or pork soup paste

9.Dried Food

・1 package dried Wakame seaweed

・1 package Katsuobushi

・1 package Hijiki seaweed ※optional

・1 package Dried vegetabes ※optional

10.Tea, Coffee, etc.



・green tea

・herbal tea


・maple syrup

・Vitamin C supplement ※optional

・anything you need!

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