How to boost your Immune System★Fight against Virus!★(EP 169)

How to boost your Immune System★Fight against Virus!★(EP 169)

Today, I am going to introduce to you how to boost your immune system.

As you already know, we are in a difficult situation in Japan, about the risks of the infection of Corona virus.

 All we have to do is maintain our immune system as strong as we can, not to contract and spread the virus. 

The only strategy to survive is keeping our immune system at the right level during the season.

What we have to do first is getting enough sleep.

Second, do moderate exercise everyday.

Third, eat nutrisious food.

Simmered pumpkin with pork sauce

Strengthen your mucous menbranes, and it recovers the energy.

When Pumpkin served with pork, which contains vitamin B, it’s going to be a great combination.

Kabocha squash is a good source of Vitamins and minerals.

300g Kabocha squash

100g ground pork

20g ginger

2 cups dashi

1 tbs + 1ts light soy sauce

1/2 ts sugar

1 tbs mirin

Maitake Soup

Maitake boost your immune system by strengthening the natural killer cells.

1 package Maitake mushroom

10g garlic

20g ginger

1 long green onion (onion, scallion can be substitution)

1 cups chicken broth

1 tbs soy sauce

1 ts vegetable oil

1 ts sesame oil

Kimchi and Natto rice bowl

1 hot spring egg

1 package Natto

30g Kimchi

1 bowl steamed rice

sesame seed


Ginger milk tea

1 cup water

1/2 whole milk

1 ts grated ginger

2 ts tea leaf (Assam or Kenya)

Apple vinegar honey ginger drink

1 ts apple vinegar ( any kind of vinegar works)

1 ts grated ginger

1 ts honey

1 cup boiling water

Let me insist on the health benefit of Taking Bath.

Here is how I do “Contrast bath treatment.”

This is not for everyone but works for me.

(Please consult with your doctor if you have clonic disease)

First, I take 10 mins bath to warm up my body completely, then take cold bath for 30 sec.

Then take hot bath for 30 ~ 60 sec.

Repeat the process 10 times and finish with hot bath.

It make feel so good and light!

I do this treatment once a week, at hot springs facility in my neighbor.

As you might already know, Japanese people LOVE hot springs.

Acrually, the facility is not fancy but “common.” It cost me only ¥800 per use.

Taking a bath improves your blood circulation, and inflammation of your body will cured.

I know you can’t do this easily, here is the alternative method.

If you don’t have bathtub,

Alternating hot shower and cold shower.

If you have bathtub,

Take 10 mins hot bath, take cold shower for 30 sec.

Then take hot bath for 30 ~60 sec.

Repeat 10 times and finish with hot bath.

There is nothing more comfortable treatment like taking a bath hot bath.

Japanese people take a bath at the end of the day, and we can relax.

Revitalize your body with taking a bath.

Sleep well.

These custom keeps us away from disease.

I hope these information will help you a lot.

Stay safe, everyone!

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