How to make Tonkatsu | Japanese Pork Cutlet

How to make Tonkatsu | Japanese Pork Cutlet

Tonkatsu is a Lucky and Happy Food!

Tonkatsu is one of the very popular Western-style Japanese dishes.
Especially popular, among the young generations.

”Katsu” means “Win” in Japanese.

Japanese moms make “Tonkatsu” to wish good luck for their kids on various occasions, like entrance exams, official matches of any kind of sport.

I make “Tonkatsu” for my son the day before the big game. ( My son is a pitcher in a school baseball team.)

Since this is deep-fried, so the calories are so high, The fat content is high.

However, it is so delicious.

The outside is crispy, and the inside is moist and soft.

Japanese dishes are relatively low in calories; why not enjoy the deep-fried food every once in a while?

What are you call this is happy eating.

I love the food that makes me happy when I eat it.
This is one of the “happy food” that I love.

My secret ingredients to make crispy Tonkatsu

Breading batter:

Using beaten egg to bread the poke slices is common, but I always make the breading batter.

This breading batter enables the Panko to stick well rather than the beaten egg.

Nama Panko:

I am using a Nama Panko, which means Panko contains a little bit of moisture.

The moisture will evaporate while deep-frying, And it’s going to make a crispy outside.

If you can’t find it, spray water to your bread crumb and give moisture.

Serve with cabbage

We always serve with shredded cabbage.

Shredded cabbage is considered to neutralize the oil from the Tonkatsu when you eat with it and helps digestion.

A lot of shredded cabbage is appreciated in Japan.

So you should pile up shredded cabbage on the serving dish like a mountain.

Serve with a lemon wedge if you have on your hand.
Tanginess from the lemon cut the oiliness of the Tonkatsu.

Other dishes derived from Tonkatsu


Cook Tonkatsu in sweet and savory Dashi broth and topped with soft-cooked egg.

So good!


Serve Tonkatsu with Japanese-style curry and rice.

When you want energy, this is the one you go for.


The picture above is “Chicken Katsu-Sando” but “Tonkatsu-Sando” is more popular.

Sandwich with Japanese Shokupan bread which is fluffy and has a subtle sweetness.

We have a wide variety of sandwiches, and “Katsu-Sando” is the king!


Tonkatsu is one of the very popular Western-style Japanese dishes.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 4 serving


  • frying pan


  • 4 slices pork loins 1.2cm (half an inch) thick ※approx 100g each
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 cup Nama Panko or Panko
  • cabbage
  • lemon wedge
  • Tonkatsu sauce

breading batter

  • 1 egg large
  • 3 tbs all-purpose flour
  • 80 ml(⅓cup) cold water


breading batter

  • Combine beaten egg and flour in a medium-size bowl, add cold water in three stages and make a smooth batter.

Pork preparation

  • Pat dry the pork loin slices.
    Cut the slit 2 to 3 cm in intervals between the meat and fat using kitchen shears.
  • Season both sides with salt and pepper.
  • Dust the surface of the plastic wrap with all-purpose flour.
    Place your pork slices.
    Dust all-purpose flour all over the surface.
  • Next, dip into the breading batter we make earlier, then bread with Panko bread crumb.

Cook and assemble

  • Heat your oil for frying up to 160°C.
    Start cooking at a lower temperature; cook 3 to 4 minutes for both sides.
  • Before you take it out, hover over the hot oil to drip off excess oil.
  • Take out onto the wire rack and rest it a couple of minutes before serving.
    Cut into strips to easy to eat.
  • Pile up shredded cabbage on the serving dish like a mountain.
    If you have another green vegetable feel free to add it to your dish.
    Transfer the Tonkatsu onto the shredded cabbage.
  • Serve with lemon wedges and Tonkatsu sauce.
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