Onigiri and Miso Soup Breakfast | 5 Easy Onigiri

Onigiri and Miso Soup Breakfast | 5 Easy Onigiri

Types of Onigiri

There are two types of Onigiri, one is WITH filling, and one is MIXED with filling.

Today I am going to be showing how to make Mixed Onigiri.

Mixed Onigiri can be easy to make, and you can create many varieties.

And, you can add more filling compared to the one with filling so that it could be a more balanced meal.

It can make a great breakfast to boost your energy!

Let’s see how to make it one by one!

What types of Rice should I use?

Definitely choose short-grain rice.

And, if you can afford it, Japanese short-grain rice would be the first choice.

It becomes sticky when it’s cooked and you can easily make Onigiri.

This is my Go-To Brand “Koshihikari.”

You can feel the unique bouncy texture for each grain, and you can taste the natural sweetness as you chew. This is unique to “Koshihikari” and I love it. But everyone has their own taste. Find your favorite by trying various rice brands!

You can always choose Californian short-grain rice or medium-grain rice instead.

I tried them once, and I found them fairly good enough!

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Salmon and Edamame

Salmon Onigiri is one of the most traditional and the most popular onigiri in Japan.

Since salmon is salted, it goes so well with rice.

Edamame adds crunchy texture to it and makes it “not-always” kind of onigiri.

Edamame and salmon are very traditional ingredients in Japanese Cooking, but used as onigiri filling is a kind of a new wave.

I used brown rice for this particular onigiri to make it even more healthy but you can always use white rice.

2 Onigiris

50g salmon (salted) ※ if you don’t find salted salmon, here is how you do: Sprinkle 1.0~1.2% salt of the weight of your salmon. Let it sit over night. Wipe off excess moisture before grilling.

30g edamame

120g brown rice

Grill the salted salmon and remove the bones and skin.
Mix prepared salmon and edamame with brown rice and shaped into triangles.

OKaka cheese

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