Today, I want to share with you, what I eat in a day.

This topic is requested one, some of you have been asking. 

I eat a lot, more than you think

As you know, I am in a food industry for 17 years, I have a lot of opportunity to taste foods, more than a people. 

I have been developing Chinese dumplings
The latest work, developing “Take-away” menu.
Baking cakes are my passion of all time

Developing new recipes are fun, but you have to taste it again and again until you are happy with it.

I am sure that I eat more than you. Lol.

People asking me how I can stay slim and healthy while eating such a lot of food?

I am in the same size for more than 30 years.

I weigh 52 kg, 5.5 feet. These numbers haven’t change for more than 30 years. 

I don’t have older picture other than the left one.

But to tell you the truth, I had trouble with eating habit when I was young, I was on a diet, all the time, because young girls supposed to be thin, didn’t know we are already thin!

To tell you the truth, I had trouble with eating habit…

It was late 80’s when I was a teenager, and the fat is considered as bad for your health, and we avoid taking it to stay slim.

I ate low fat food and I took low cal sugar substiture anytime I find it.

I was a firm believer in “low-calorie-diet-myth.” 

I believed as less cal as I take in a day, I would be thinner and healthier for a long time.

These days, I was always hungry and always thinking about food.

Butter Coffee

But when I read this book, The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey, it literally blew my mind. What? High-fat diet? 50 to 70 % of calories from fat?

I couldn’t believe it because it’s completely out of mind because it was on the opposite side of my diet. 

But I was convinced of one of his logic “your brain is made of fat, so we should take more fat to be more creative and productive.”

And I start taking butter coffee in a morning, and its continuing for more than 5 years.

What I appreciate about butter coffee is, I am free from the hunger until lunch time.

I can concentrate on my job, and so productive ever! 

I haven’t change any of my food intake, other than butter coffee.

I am on hybrid Diet

Because eating huge steak, or chicken without eating carb is not realistic in Japanese diet.

I am on a hybrid of Bulletproof diet and Japanese diet. 

My daily activities & My daily meal

Let’s take a close look at my life from the aspect of food and daily activities.

6am: Cook Bento and Breakfast

My day start on 6 in the morning, to make my son’s bento and breakfast.

7:00 Feed my cat Alex

Alex the cat

And I feed my cat Alex. He walk around me while I am in the kitchen, sometimes, interrupting me by jumping up on the table.

House keeping jobs

When my son leave for school, I do the laundry.

Hanging laundries in bath room is popular in Japan.
Equipped with dryer.

My son is on the baseball team, so I have a lot of dirty uniform every day. 

I used to hate the laundry, but now, I appreciate it as I can feel I am spending a normal life like before the pandemic.

7:30 Butter coffee

While the washing machine running I take butter coffee and makeup. It takes less than 5 mins because I don’t make up bottom half of my face for wearing a face mask. Lol.

1 tablespoon of grassfed-butter and freshly blewed coffee
I buy 5 kg butter once a year, keep in the freezer.

8:00 Clean the house and quick exercise

Alex is always with me

And then, I clean the house and do a short but effective excise. I believe a little goes a long way! 

After that, I start working at home.

8:30~12:00 Work from home

It’s usually, developing new recipes for my customer, shooting videos and writing script.

Around 11:30 to 12:00, I eat lunch.

12:00 Lunch

My lunch is like this.

A big portion of Salad and toasted Shokupan
Store-bought walnut bread and leftover from my son’s Bento

Looks like breakfast. Lol.

I have been stop eating breakfast for 5 years but I still want to eat breakfast.

That’s my kind of meal!

And then, I go back to work!

4:00pm Coffee Break

Freshly brewed paper-drip coffee and candies
Granola yogurt and latte

And around 4 o’clock, I take a break.

When you work from home, we need something to cheer up for the rest of the day to keep our productivity.

I eat something sweet almost everyday with a cup of coffee, or tea depend on the mood.

And then I work for a couple of hours, and then, start preparing dinner.

7:00pm Dinner

Japanese typical dinner is like this. 

Grilled mackerel, Simmered pork and daikon, tomato and seaweed salad
100g hot steamed Japanese short grain rice
Braised pork, cauliflower creamed miso soup,
Tofu and green beans cooked with egg, cod’s roe
100g hot steamed Japanese short grain rice
Homemade sausage and tomato sauce pasta(Bugalini)
Seaweed clear soup

I like to eat real food, which brings us nutrients and satisfaction.

What do you think of my everyday meal and daily activities?

I hope it doesn’t bored you. Lol.

I almost forgot to tell you how I keep myself hydrated.

I don’t drink water so much but green tea, roasted green tea or wheat tea. We can take vitamins and minerals from these tea.

I have so many varieties of tea and coffee to choose from.

Alright, that’s my version of what I eat in a day video!

I hope the video is giving you a tip to improve your diet somehow. 

And I hope my cooking videos are helpful for our life is changing after the pandemic. We can’t go out for dinner for a while, but still we can make food what we want at home!

Please leave the comment if you have any questions. 

I am not a strong believer of intermittent fasting, but this eating style works for me to stay comfortable.

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