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Freezer Pork Ginger

Japanese style easy freezer meal prep.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 8 mins
Course all
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 2 servings


  • 300 g sliced pork shoulder
  • ½ onion
  • 2 stalks garlic chives
  • 1 tbs grated ginger
  • 1 ts sugar
  • 1 tbs Mirin
  • 1 tbs soy sauce


  • Slice onion into thin slices. Cut garlic chives into 2 inches long.
    Grate ginger.
    Put all the ingredients into a ziplock bag. Freeze.
    Keep well up to 6 month.
  • How to thaw
    1) Microwave 2~3 mins at 300w
    2) Leave in fridge overnight.
  • Cook on medium until cooked through.
    Thicken the sauce with 1 tsp of potato starch dissolve in same amount of water.
  • Serve with rice.
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