Important NOTE: Read this Before start baking

Important NOTE: Read this Before start baking

Note for those who want to bake bread with my recipe:

Please please please follow my instruction exactly the same at least ONCE.

And then, make an arrangement if you want to, depend on your experience.

I have so many varieties of questions about bread baking.

A person want to replace water with milk, other person want to replace butter with oil.

Or some person bake Shokupan with my No Knead Tangzhong Hokkaido Milk Bread recipe.

It’s not a good idea to bake a tall bread with no knead dough, which has a weak gluten structure.

Any small tips has a meaning.

So, please do not complicate the recipe, if you are not sure about what’s going to happen.

I’ll put stars in description to show the level of the recipe. I just want you to success in baking, so, do not go too far my friends!

Good luck in your baking!

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