Miso Soup in 5 ways

Miso Soup in 5 ways

Today I will be showing, 5 Miso soup.

Miso soup is made from Dashi, Miso of your choice and other ingredients of the season.

We have several kinds of Dashi and Miso to make varieties of Miso soup every day.

I hope you will enjoy how we make miso soup!


Pork and root vegetable miso soup

<ingredients>3 servings

500ml water

2 pieces (3×10cm) Kombu kelp 1

00g Daikon radish 100

g burdock roots

50g carrot

150g sliced pork belly

2 tablespoon miso

Chopped scallion for garnishing

Shichimi chili pepper

Potato and Onion Miso soup

<ingredients> 3 servings

500ml water

A handful (30g) Niboshi (dried anchovy)

One to two medium size potato

1/2 medium size onion

2 tablespoons miso

Chopped scallion for garnish

★4 Mushrooms miso soup★

<ingredients>3 servings

500ml water

2 Shiitake

50g Shimeji

50g Enoki

100g Maitake

2 tablespoons Miso

★Komatsuna and Abura-age★

<ingredients> 3 servings

1 piece(3×10cm) Kombu kelp

A handful (20g) bonito flakes

500ml water

150g Komatsuna (Japanese mustard green)

50g Abura-age (deep fried Tofu)

2 tablespoons miso

★Egg drop miso soup★

〈ingredients〉3 servings

500 ml water Bonito flakes

or Dashi powder

2 tablespoons miso (I use black bean Miso in the video)

1 large egg

Scallion for garnishing

Toasted sesame seeds

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