Today, I want to share with you, how to calculate bread dough to fit your tin.

I am so glad that many of you tried making Shokupan during this period.

I have seen beautiful bread that tagged me on Instagram.

On the other hand, I have received so many questions, asking, “how much dough do I need for my pan” or “Can I half the recipe because my pan is small?”

Here is the answer for you!

Calculating the dough is critical, when you bake Shokupan with the lid. 

If you did wrong, the bread comes out short, or not enough to make a square shape.

Need a little bit of math but I tried to make it simple as much as I can. 

These are the Shokupan loaf pan that I have.

Japanese Shokupan loaf mold comes in 3 sizes, and we call it as 1 kin size, 1.5 kin size and 2 kin size.

Kin is an old Japanese unit for counting weight.

I don’t know why we call bread in the old ways, bread supposed to be not quite old, but how it is. 

Speaking of the old unit, we call sponge cake tin in 5 Sun or 6 Sun in baking industry. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter to make good bread, in any ways.

First, let me explain the baker’s percent.

Let’s take a look at my basic Shokupan recipe.

The recipe above is 1.5 Kin mold, because I like the size. This is just good for one meal. 

Now let’s take a look at baker’s percent. Ingredients weights are left-hand side, and the baker’s percent is on the right-hand side. 

Baker’s percent or percentage is a proportion of ingredients, used in making bread, expressing the ingredients in parts in hundred, as a ratio of mass of the total weight of the flour.

In other words, flour weight set as 100% on baker’s percentage.

The total weight of the dough is 580g.

And the total baker’s percentage is 185.2%.

Are you stay with me?

Now, let’s talk about loaf pan comes in different sizes.

My Shokupan 1.5 Kin mold measurement is about 20×10×12cm.

(8×3.2×4.8 inches)

The volume is 2400㎤ or 2400ml (85 oz.)

You can measure the volume by adding water in the Shokupan mold.

Weight and volume is equal, so my Shokupan mold has a capacity for 2400g.

Now, let’s see the ratio of bread dough and volume. 

To see the exact ratio of bread dough for the mold calculates by dividing the capacity by actual weight.

My bread dough recipe weighs 580g, and my Shokupan mold has 2400g, 

That calculates (about) 4.

The ratio of volume and dough weight is 4:1.

Now let’s make this into a 2 Kins( Mold.)

I need 975 g of the bread dough.

To calculate the weight of each ingredients, I need the baker’s percent I have calculated earlier.

Then, make it to the whole number, and your recipe is ready!

Plus of minus, 5 % is not affect to the final product, in my experience.

In this way, you can get exact measurement for any loaf pan!

Now let’s make 2 Kins Shokupan loaf!

This is the size selling at the bakery.

It’s a huge Shokupan mold, but with the lid, you can bake beautiful bread even if your oven is small.

The procedure is the same as always, so I skip the whole process.

If you αre new here, please check my Shokupan playlist. I’ll put the link down below or on the right-hand side corner. 

And then get it back to the oven, bake 5 to 6 mins more. 

Take out and cool to room temperature before use.

The fermentation is successfully done, let’s divide the dough into 3.

Divide into a little over 300g. 

Shape into a ball, and let it sit for 10 mins as a bench rest.

While resting the dough, the gluten relax and you can easy to handle.

After 10 mins, roll it out to remove the gas inside. 

Fold in 3, and roll it up, stretching the surface. 

Pinch to seal.

Try adding flour as less as possible to make moist bread.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven for 100℃. 

I want to make sure the dough cook through, so I start baking on low heat to be secure. The low heat makes the dough rise slow but steady in a way.

Once you pop in the oven, re-set the heat to 200 ℃.

The dough rises just under the edge, it’s time to pop in the oven.

My oven took 12 mins to reach 100 to 200, adjust the time to your oven. 

Bake 45 mins in total. 

Smell so good!

Take out from the oven and take off the lid.

Drop the mold from 20 cm above to the countertop, to remove the

hot gas. If you don’t do that, your Shoupan will have a chance to shrink.

It’s not easy to take out because this is the first time to use the mold. 

Use a thin blade knife or pallet knife to take out.

It’s too soft to slice, so let it sit for at least a couple of hours. Or preferably slice the next day.

I am thinking that I make an egg sandwich the next day, so I keep it in a plastic. 

Alright, I hope you learn how to calculate your bread dough in the video, once you understand the formula, you can make perfect bread at any time!

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

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