Kombu is a foundation of Dashi.

Kombu Dashi contains glutamic acid, which is one of the Umami profile.

Kombu Dashi has a mild and delicate flavor on its own.

But when it combined with other Umami profiles, create richer flavor.

There are two ways of making Kombu Dashi.

One is the “water method,” soak Kombu in water overnight.

How simple is that!

The “water method” creates the most gentle Dashi of all. It’s good for vegetarian dishes. 

The other is the “hot water method.”

The “hot water method” draws the maximum Umami out of Kombu. You can feel the delicate Umami from it.

These Dashi can be used as it is, or combine with other Dashi ingredients.

Watch my video, how to do it!

How to make Dashi.

And we make a specific kind of traditional new year dish from Kombu.

It’s called “Kobu-maki,” which represents knowledge in Japanese food culture.

There are several kinds of Kombu in the market. 

If you don’t know which one to choose, I recommend “Dashi Kombu.” 

It is usually made of uneven pieces of Kombu, comes in a smaller size, and easy to handle. But there is no compromise of quality. In most cases, it’s economical.

Kombu Dashi

2 ways of makind Kombu Dashi
Prep Time 30 minutes
“water method” soaking time 8 hours
Course all
Cuisine Japanese


  • pot


  • 20 g Kombu


"water method"

  • Soak Kombu in water overnight. (How simple is that!)

"hot water method"

  • Put Kombu and water in a pot, start cooking on low heat.
    Bring the heat to 60℃ (140℉), and keep the temperature for 20~30 mins.
  • Increase the heat to medium. Bring it to just before boiling. Take out the Kombu. If you boil the Kombu, it releases slimy property.
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